Comment spam on my blog

I had to turn on comment moderation, because of a recent few posts that were spam (linking to spam sites). This is a known problem already (, and there are a couple of ways to fight it. I am taking this approach as a quick countermeasure. I am also increasing the thresholds in our spam blocker. It works on scanning urls, names, keywords that would indicate spam. This should resolve the issue.

I don’t know why it started happening, probably because my site is now searchable in Internet (indexed) and I also got linked off the official MOM Community website (which for me is an honor:))

Anyway, don’t get discouraged – let me know what you think of my posts or have any other feedback – I will approve all non-spam comments asap.

As for MOM goodies… well, I’ve been into some other things lately, but I am also working on a geo-cluster implementation of MOM 2005 on SQL 2005. I will post more details about it surely. (there will be some caveats naturally;))

I’ve been using Office 2007Beta2 also lately quite often. One short tip: With OL2007 I wouldn’t go for the windows desktop search 3.0 beta preview – it’ll eat up to 100MB of your memory FAST. Workaround: disable indexing of everything except your mails, or go for LookOut (my preference) as a search tool for mails. If you don’t use WDS 3.0 disable the startup reminder to download it from tools->options->other->advanced. The same can be done for OneNote (in registry).


~ by alipka on June 4, 2006.

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