Operations Manager 2007 Reporting DB is empty

OM 2007 has a different design of reporting then MOM 2005 does. It transfers data in real-time as opposed to the nightly DTS job in 2005.

In Beta 2 there is a small bug that will be corrected in RC: if your Datawarehouse account is different than the management agent action account the reporting (OperationsMangerDW) DB will be empty and you will see event ID like this:

Event Type:    Error

Event Source:    Health Service Modules

Event Category:    Data Warehouse

Event ID:    31551

Date:        6/29/2006

Time:        11:23:16 AM

User:        N/A

Computer:    SCOM2007


Failed to store data in the Data Warehouse. The operation will be retried. Exception ‘SqlException’: Management Group is not allowed to connect to this Data Warehouse using this login Workflow: Microsoft.SystemCenter.DataWarehouse.CollectPerformanceData Management group: om07mg

To fix this add the datawarehouse account to both “run as profiles” datawarehouse action account and datawarehouse SQL authentication action account. After that reporting data will be collected correctly. The report I liked is the built-in availability report.

There are lots of exciting new features in OM2007 – the product is totally revisted, now based on .NET 2.0, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation and Powershell. This gives great new possibilities. The downsides I noticed up till now are:

  • OM consumes quite a lot of memory and running it on a VM with 1024 MB of RAM (all roles except ACS) the console is not very responsive, so the requirement of 2GB of RAM in documentation seems reasonable.
  • There are some functionalities that do not work, but this is Beta, and surely Beta 2 of OM is NOT as reliable as Office 2007 Beta 2, but those two products cannot be really compared (first one being targeted at Sysadmins and the second at massive end-users)

BTW, if you want to prepare in using PowerShell in MOM, you can do it already in MOM2005: http://mow001.blogspot.com/2006/06/powershell-and-mom-2005.html


~ by alipka on July 5, 2006.

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