Ops Manager 2007 RC2 Exchange 2003 MP mailflow issue

When you set up mailflow receiver and sender on one, same server you might notice following issue:

After the discovery of MailFlow sender and receiver monitors, they start up at about the same time, and the receiver script will at first report a missing e-mail. In the next interval (by default this is 15min) the receiver script will be ok again as the mail was received. It seems to be some synch issue, but this is to be fixed in RTM version of the Management Pack.

The alert that you will notice is following:

I have not tested it when setting up Mailflow on more then 1 server, but supposedly this will not happen due to different synch of the monitors (I will try to test that as well soon).

Currently I have found no feasible workaround for this since we cannot override the schedule for the monitors. The MP is sealed in such a way that it exposes only some aspects to be changed and overriden (e.g. Interval, but not the exact schedule(timing) of the monitor). That is one of the features of the new Operations Manager which differs it from 2005 where you could modify everything inside the MP. If you have found some workaround or checked that mailflow between different servers works fine please let me know with your comments here.


~ by alipka on January 3, 2007.

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