Back from holidays

Hi 2 everyone (if anyone is still reading some of the stuff here after such a looooooong pause in writing)!

I am back from my months’ worth of holiday. And before that I’ve been very busy with releasing a project for a customer. Now I seem to have a bit more time and can finally post something to the blog.

Shortly on my holidays

Well, it wasn’t exactly a month, but I was away from office work for that time. I went to a conference in US (more on that later), visited my favorite spot in Poland – Hejszowina, and did some mountain biking (you can see some of photos from there here: The weather was really bad, but as there is no GSM network access there nor internet I got a good rest from all the work:)

Then we took a week holiday with my fiancee (yes, she actually DID accept when I proposed… :)) in Egypt near Hurghada and the Red Sea.

I found diving to be most fun – there was a coral reef right next to our hotel – amazing colors and all kinds of fish. We also did some diving (1st time!) with aqualung and I got to see 2 dolphins live in the water. Quite an experience. Besides Egypt is a poor country, living off tourists and “harassing” them with all kinds of ‘goods’ all the time.

You can check out our photos here:!FDED5C90960743BD!299/

This year I spent a lot of time on my mountain bike. MTB racing is my new craze, I have raced in over 10 MTB races this year, doing about ~3000km this year and the year is not over yet 🙂 though its beginning to be really cold in Poland:(

Next year I hope to get some better results by more regular training and starting regularly in two MTB series:, I just hope Maja will be patient enough for me…

Some tech stuff

Didn’t have much time for that during holidays, but there’s a couple of links worth checking out in my opinion:

1. Virtualization cookbooks:

2. You will find tons of useful tools and documents for Ops Manager here: this is a site by Peter Zeger (remember :))

3. Looking into developing custom ACS reports in OpsManager? Have a look at where Eric talks about documenting Windows Server security events.

4. The Powershell list of utils and uses is growing fast, take a look at this: and PSh2.0 is getting close.

5. We finally have the E2k7 MP for OpsManager: and the OpsManager 2007 SP1 will RC1 soon – note that it will be one of the few (ony 1 I know of) RCs supported officially:!2C4CD58BB2826E21!2989.entry

6. Check out the latest OpsMgr sizer from Satya:

7. If you want to monitor ODBC db connections see this post:

8. See the OpsMgr ResKit: System Center Operations Manager 2007 Tools & Utilities

9. And finally we may see some OpsMgr certifications. A webcast on that is coming soon:, I’ve heard something about Jan/Feb 08 timeframe.

I will make sure to do some more posting in the coming months. Especially that SCCM (SMSv4) is now RTM I hope to get to it outside the lab and post to you some useful tips from real-life deployments.


~ by alipka on October 16, 2007.

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