OpsMgr: Modified Brian’s Scheduled Maintenance Mode MP

Together with my colleague Marek Kuzminski, we have slightly modified Brian’s scheduled maintenance mode MP (Scheduling Groups of Objects for Maintenance Mode) to add following features:

  • Override by group display name
  • Add additional rules to allow 10 different maintenance schedules
  • Add a run as profile to the MP to facilitate permissions to schedule maintenance mode
  • Added simple error handling in maintenance mode script for troubleshooting

I wasn’t able to re-use that MP to do different schedules just by overrides. So the design is still rather ‘quick’, and limits your number of schedules to 10 (number of rules). To use overrides for different schedules and computer groups bound to the same rule, the MP would have to be redesigned.

Thx to Brian for posting his great MP, and Marek for his help.

Attachment(s): MCS.ScheduledMaintenanceMode.xml


~ by alipka on March 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “OpsMgr: Modified Brian’s Scheduled Maintenance Mode MP”

  1. How do I use it?


  2. Attachment is no longer available. Can you repost it, this looks pretty interesting!

  3. link corrected.

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