[off-topic] new 2008 MTB season started!

So a new season for mountain biking started. Actually for me it never ended, since we had a really mild 2007/2008 winter in Poland. But during the time from october 2007 till april 2008 I didn’t do any racing, except one 2-day “orientation race” with my dad – it was lots of fun, but did not push myself to the limit like on standard MTB races, and 1 winter race.

So this year I already managed to start in 5 races. What can I say? I’m totally “hooked” into MTB marathons. And it’s just beginning. In a week I am going to Istebna for a 4-day, probably polish toughest MTB marathon: http://www.mtbtrophy.com/ in a really magical place on the border of 3 countries.

One of the more fun races was in Karpacz, 1st of May, but we even had some snow on the way! What was also cool, was that professional cameramen where taking pictures during the race, and the end effect is really nice. You can check my photos at: http://alipka.spaces.live.com/photos/cns!FDED5C90960743BD!370.

I hope to write short story soon, but it will probably be in Polish and posted at our team site: http://www.xbox360biketeam.pl.


~ by alipka on May 14, 2008.

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