TFS2010 Beta2 installation

Yesterday I installed Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta2. I had some issues (otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned it on my blog –right?;))

First off, I had this error, even though setup reported no errors. I could not administer the TFS (e.g. administer security). I received 500 Internal server error. Also when trying to browse the /TFS website. I spent some time trying to figure it out, and then went for the ‘easy’ solution. Set it up on a brand new server (in my case a VM): WS2008SP2 x64. I did NOT add web service role to the server, I just let the TFS install do it. I needed the basic installation only (no sharepoint or reporting, just source control and build). This time it worked:)

I figure that this could have been due to some settings on my IIS7 on the previous server, since it was also hosting other services (WSUS and Visual SourceSafe).BTW: if you are co-hosting VSS and WSUS on a 64 bit II7 you will need to turn off dynamic compression in IIS (see: – I spent a whole day troubleshooting this!

TFS2010 for now seems to work great for us. Its way better than VSS for internet-based source control, and easier to set up then TFS2008. Some of the things to note: you will still need Team Explorer 2010 to create team projects, but you will be good to go using Team Explorer 2008 for most tasks, just remember to apply Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and this GDR update on it. And be careful: by default TFS2010 (that was true for 2008 too) allows shared checkouts – this can lead to some problems during merges, so the way to disable it is in team explorer (on a collection or project level) by choosing collection settings and source file types (this is a per filetype setting).


~ by alipka on October 25, 2009.

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