Sharepoint 2010 and SQL Remote Blob Storage Issue

Have you tried enabling RBS on MOSS 2010? There are a bunch of blog/technet articles on how to do this. Its a real pain (administrator wise), but it can be made to work. Two things to watch out for:

1. Garbage collection. Its not done out of the box, you need to configure the RBS maintainer. See:, and the RBS chm help file. You should set that up in the task scheduler. And as far as I found out there is a 30day period where files are still not deleted – kind of retention period which for backup strategy makes sense. Its hard to check – documentation on details is scarce and the rbs_ sql tables are not that obvious to read.

2. Files larger than ~1.2MB will fail to upload IF you did not allow client access to FILESTREAM. You will see “access is denied” SqlRemoteBlobs.RemoteBlobStoreException. So go in and enable client access (I tried setting Share permissions on this but that did not work out). This is what you should have in SQL Configuration Manager for that instance:


This is because by default 1.2MB is the limit from which SQL starts out of band access to the blobs (ref:

It seems not many people use this feature, but if you start having 100’s GB content your SQL will quickly die without RBS…  On the other hand RBS+Sharepoint integration is weak (close to none): its hard to setup, hard to maintain and backup/restore gets even more complex – so I suggest do it only on your largest content DBs and set a limit from which you move the files out to RBS, by powershell (example for 512kB):

$cbd = Get-SPContentDatabase “WSS_Content”



I have tons of other internal small KB articles like that one developed during my works, so ping me a mail if you have some strange issue and google is unable to answer.

I do have 1 unanswered problem though:

When I upload an Office 2k7 document with custom server properties from another sharepoint library (e.g. 2007) to my new moss2010 farm, I see an issue that an event handler we have is not fired. All other docs (non Office 2k7) work fine, and as soon as I remove server properties from that doc the event handler is fired… I have no idea if there is a switch somewhere in SharePoint 2010 that would resolve this – seems MOSS2010 is trying to read those server properties and this is causing some issues in our custom developed code:( debugging also doesn’t help as the event is simply not fired. ULS logs are silent on this. If you hit this or saw a similar issue let me know!


~ by alipka on May 29, 2010.

5 Responses to “Sharepoint 2010 and SQL Remote Blob Storage Issue”

  1. Perfect! My exact error. Should have thought to turn on that checkbox

  2. I’ve got a problem with my RBS.
    I’m trying to execute $rbs.migrate()
    and receiving an error:
    Exception calling “Migrate” with “0” argument(s): “Object reference not set to
    an instance of an object.”
    At line:1 char:13
    + $rbs.Migrate <<<< ()
    + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [], MethodInvocationException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DotNetMethodException

  3. Configure RBS of SQL 2008 with SharePoint 2010 (Remote BLOB Storage) / Thiết đặt thông số RBS của SQL 2008 với SharePoint 2010

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